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Either we sell the house, or Sarah gets a job.  We can’t move to Pittsburgh until then.”

Of course we couldn’t move ‘until then.’ It was the only way ends would possibly meet. It made practical sense, so we dedicated time to trying to sell or rent the house and hunt for work.

But after a couple months, neither the house sold or rented and my wife, Sarah, had yet to get a call for potential employment. I don’t think I’ll ever forget the moment, on my way to the ‘Burgh to look at potential apartments for us, when God clearly spoke to me that he had called us to Pittsburgh and we needed to be *IN* Pittsburgh.  I immediately called my wife from the car and said, “I think I’m going to find our new home today, and that we need to move as soon as possible; are you okay with me signing a lease even though you won’t have seen the place?”

Out of gracious faith in God and me as her husband, Sarah’s response was, basically, “Go for it.”

I did find a place, paid a deposit, and planned our move-in day.  We wouldn’t be able to sign a lease until we were both present, so we prayed with extra fervency that God would provide a job for Sarah.  And nothing changed.  Still, we knew it was time to be in Pittsburgh, so, in faith, Sarah and I met in Pittsburgh to sign a lease.  On her way into the City, Sarah got a call for an interview.  We moved into our Apartment and Sarah got a call for a second interview.  Ten days after quitting her job in Carlisle, she started at a new job with better benefits and more pay in Pittsburgh. And this at the height of the Great Recession.

I’m convinced the job wouldn’t have come if we hadn’t taken our leap of faith by moving.

There have been trying times, tests of faith, and incredibly difficult circumstances since then, but God has proven himself ever faithful and has continued to lavish his favor on us. It makes me wonder, what steps of faith are you being called to this week and need to trust that God’s provision will be found on the other side of your obedience?

This is part three of a series of post recounting God’s faithfulness as we prepare for the Grand Opening of The Bridge.  You can find part one here and part two here.

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