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Good Monday morning, Carlisle Wesleyan!

If you’re reading this, then you have found your way to the new home of Pastor’s Postings and other random thoughts I may feel like sharing from time-to-time :-).  Your feedback is always welcomed; you can send me an e-mail or use the ‘comment’ form at the bottom of each post.  Just remember that comments posted here are public–I won’t be the only one seeing them.

Did You Know
…stress is linked as a major contributing factor to heart disease, cancer, lung ailments, accidents, cirrhosis of the liver, and suicide (Church Leaders Intelligence Report, 04.01.09)?  There’s no doubt that we live in very stressful times, but how we manage the stress in our lives is incredibly important.  If you are a follower of Jesus Christ, your mind, body, and very life are no longer your own, so we must be found in proper stewardship (management) of ourselves.  This coming Sunday, we will be celebrating the incredible truth of Christ’s resurrection–how can you manage the stress in your life with the awareness of new life, new hope, and a new Kingdom that Christ brings?  Remember, the new life he promised and won for us isn’t just ‘eternal reward’ but a here-and-now victory and fullness of vitality, purpose, and hope.

Easter Sunday…
…is this Sunday! This is the Day of days in the Church, when we celebrate the hope that is ours because OUR KING LIVES! Words cannot express how incredible this truth is.  He is risen!

Who are you going to invite to join us in celebration this Sunday?


We’ve just finished the Famous ‘Last’ Words message series (available HERE) and on Sunday we’re beginning a new series on Jesus’ words to us after his powerful, earth-changing, paradigm-altering resurrection from the dead.  You won’t want to miss our discussion of the Resurrection this weekend and the powerful truth that “Everything’s Gonna Be Okay.”

You Might Want to Know…
Our Local Church Conference is scheduled for Sunday, May 3rd at 4:00PM.  Following our business session, we’ll be sharing in a meal and fellowship with each other, all in celebration of what God has done and anticipation of what he will be doing in the year ahead.  You heard it here first!

…Denver Tuckey will be launching a new Sunday Morning Learning Group next Sunday, and those participating will be learning what it is and how to be a man or woman after God’s very own heart.

…Sarah Gómez will be leading a six-week Learning Group for ladies beginning next Tuesday (April 14th) at our house.  If you’re interested in joining the You Matter More Than You Think discussion and haven’t already told Sarah, be sure to connect with her this week.

…I’m still the Roaming Rev. most Tuesday afternoons and Wednesday mornings.  You’ll find me this Tuesday at Casa Mani downtown (corner of High and Pitt Streets) and on Wednesday at Carlisle Coffee in the Nell’s shopping center on Walnut Bottom Road.  Come on in, sit down for awhile, and we’ll enjoy some time together!

…the current quarter of our denominational magazine, Wesleyan Life, is now available.  Be sure to pick yours up this weekend!

A Special Thank You…
…is extended to Rev. Israel Cohen and Chosen People Ministries for the special Passover presentation made here last evening, as well as to each of you who made the special trip out for an extra gathering.  I trust you were affirmed in your faith that Jesus is everything he said he is.  I am in awe of God’s incredible grace as well as the fact his redemptive story has been told and unfolding since the very Beginning.

EASTER IS COMING! Heaven has drawn near, death has been defeated, sin has lost its hold, Hell has been conquered, we are able to be called ‘sons and daughters of the Living God’ because our King lives!  May you come to know and experience the power of the Risen One this week.  I’m praying for you.

Pastor Jeremiah

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