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Did you know…

…that the number of un-churched Americans is increasing by the rate of 1,000,000 people every year (Church Leaders Intelligence Report 04.01.09)?  Scripture is clear that just as Jesus was sent by his Father to offer the incredible hope of Heaven, those of us who are followers of Christ have been sent by Jesus to offer the same hope.  It’s worth noting our goal isn’t simply to have more people in church, but to have more followers of Christ, with new life given, and individuals, families, communities & nations transformed.  What can you do to demonstrate the love of Christ and hope of Heaven to those around you?  How can you live in a such a way that the people you already know (and the ones you don’t know are watching) will be made thirsty for the living water of Christ this week?

Some more you might want to know…

…The second week of our current message series, *Real* Last Words is online now HERE.  How have you been enjoying our exposure to the final words of Jesus both as he died on the cross and before his ascension into heaven?  I really do believe that by being confronted with these living words, we will find ourselves changed and our lives enriched.

I hope you’re planning on attending our Local Church Conference on Sunday, May 3rd.  We’ll be having the business session at 4PM during that time, we’ll be discussing significant adjustments to our operating budget and some of our ministry structure as well as receiving our regular reports.  We’ll also be sharing in supper following that business session as we celebrate God’s faithfulness and our expectation of good things to come.

I’ll be ‘roaming’ this week–Tuesday afternoon (today) at Casa Mani (High and Pitt Streets downtown–click HERE for map) and Wednesday morning at Carlisle Coffee (Nell’s shopping center on Walnut Bottom Road–map can be found HERE).  You’re always welcome to drop in and enjoy some coffee and conversation with Yours Truly :-).

Sarah will also be ‘roaming’ this week–she’ll be heading to Indiana on Thursday to attend BOOST, a children’s ministry conference sponsored by The Wesleyan Church.  She’ll be there through Saturday, investing a good deal of time in CWC’s ministry to children and I’ll be bachin’ it at the end of the week.  Your prayers that God would use this time to create a fresh spark for The Lagoon and help equip our children’s workers would be greatly appreciated.

Please note: the office will be closed next Tuesday morning as I’ll be attending a meeting with some of the other area pastors from The Wesleyan Church.  I should still be found ‘roaming’ that afternoon, though.

I’d like to conclude this week’s Posting with a few thank-you’s regarding some of what’s listed above:
Members of the Local Board of Administration
Sue Fisher
Deemer Morrow
Denver Tuckey
Kenn Tuckey

Our board members serve very well by representing the needs of CWC and helping us to move forward.  This time of year can tend to be especially busy as we work to prepare for the Local Church Conference.  Be sure to express your gratitude to them and keep our leaders in prayer.

Children’s Ministry
Sarah Gomez
Larry Snyder

Both Larry and Sarah give freely of their time and energy to help make a vibrant children’s ministry a reality.  There’s still a lot of work to be done, but I’m proud of them for hanging in there and doing whatever they can to present the truth and power of Jesus in relevant and engaging ways to the youngest among us–all in the name of the King and for the expansion of his Kingdom!  Way to go, guys!  Keep it up–you’re making a difference!

There are, of course, other individuals who serve God by serving others through the ministry of CWC–I’ll be sure to thank them by name as well during the next few Pastor’s Postings–but for now, to all who serve suffice it to say I’m thankful for all of you, what you do, and how freely you give!  Thanks for your willing hearts!

Don’t forget: we are in the season of the Resurrection.  New life is ours because of the work of Jesus and the powerful truth that death could not hold the Author of Life.  In what arena of your life are you in need of new life?  The spirit of Christ beckons you to come, lay your burden down, and experience the power of the resurrection.  Of course, if you need to talk, I’m here for you.

Have a great week; I’m in your corner.

Pastor Jeremiah

Jeremiah Gomez

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