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Welcome (pt. 2)

April 17, 2015 — Leave a comment
image: Nathan @ Flickr

image: Nathan @ Flickr

Last week, I shared the first three of six things anyone can do to help make guest experiences great (you can read that post here). These were originally shared with our staff team to help equip and prepare their own teams for demonstrating love and value to the people connecting at SLW.

Though written to staff leaders, here are three more things anyone can do to help make great guest ministry happen:  Continue Reading…

Welcome (pt. 1)

April 9, 2015 — 1 Comment
image: Nathan @ Flickr

image: Nathan @ Flickr

Easter Weekend is a tremendous opportunity to interact with more guests than usual in a church—each with a story and a need we have opportunity to connect with. Knowing this, we passed along six reminders to our staff team–things anyone can do to help communicate our love and value for our guests, so our various teams could be better equipped to make connecting with SLW a great experience for anyone.

Though written to staff leaders, here are the first three things anyone can do to help make great guest ministry happen: Continue Reading…

From what you have…

April 2, 2015 — 1 Comment
Image Courtesy:
Image Courtesy:

As the people of Israel make their journey out of Egypt toward the land God promised their forefathers, there’s a moment in the book of Exodus when Moses receives instruction on building the sacred space of the Tabernacle. The furnishings are to be ornate and the finishes opulent. Where will these things come from?

This is what the LORD commanded: from what you have, take an offering for the LORD… (Exodus 35:4b-5a; emphasis mine)

The people give so much precious metal, stone, fabric, and other expensive gifts that they actually have to be told to stop giving because their gifts are too much! Amazing!

But think about this for a moment: how could a group of wandering, refugee slaves be in possession of such great wealth?

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sunday recap

July 14, 2014 — Leave a comment

After a stay/vacation, it’s harder to reconnect with Social Media than you might think! I’m still getting back in the swing of things after being gone a couple weeks ago, but things are moving at SLW! Here’s a quick Sunday Recap from yesterday:

From the Message:

We took some time to unpack a bit of the unbelievable sight of heaven from John’s perspective in video images.023Revelation 4 & 5. If you missed it, the podcast will be available here soon.

Some observations from John’s vision of Heaven:

:: God is in control now.

:: Jesus is powerful now.

:: Heaven is active now.

What part of life would you live differently if you were living like this were true?

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Sunday Recap

June 22, 2014 — Leave a comment

Today was a great day of celebration and excitement at SLW. Here’s the rundown:

video images.023

Pastor Jesse launched our Summer message series, Summer Road Trip. Here are some of the message highlights (the message will be on the SLW Podcast soon):


A life of faith is a journey of adventure. Too many of us are living out our faith in safe, unadventurous ways…

Spiritual “Road Tripping…”

… Is less about the destination and more about the journey.

…Is less about enduring and more about developing.

…is less about going alone and more about going together.


To get the most out of this road trip, we’ll need:

  • A full tank (How are we being filled with the things of God?)
  • Good tunes (Where do we hear God; how are we staying tuned into his heart?)
  • An adventurous spirit (Is there room in our routine for adventure?)
  • A willingness to do crazy things (Will we Live S.E.N.T. — Seek God; Eat Together; Needs–Meed Them; Tell the story?)

Join us throughout the summer as we enjoy “Unbelievable Sights, Unexpected Detours, and Unscripted Connections” together.

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