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Fear is one of those things that can keep us ’stuck’—hindering us from knowing the life of fullness and adventure we yearn for and found in Jesus. In two previous posts, we’ve looked at the reality that decisions made from a posture of fear are seldom great, and examined some of the symptoms of living from a place of fear. What can we do to live more in the freedom of joy and purpose God has for us rather than the prison of fear?

In my own life, I’ve found the following to help in avoiding leading or living from fear: Continue Reading…

check.001In the last post, we looked at a story wherein someone living from fear loses the thing they were trying most to protect.

The truth is, if we’re living from a posture of fear, we’re not only avoiding the fullness-of-life-now God makes available to us, but it’s possible we’re living in a place of disobedience and rebellion: Scripture is clear that fear is not for us to own; save the fear of God, it seems to me every other time fear is encountered in Scripture, there is a call or reminder to see that fear broken by God’s reality and activity. Fear positions us to be pulled away from God’s best.

How can we know if we’re living from a position of fear?

Here’s a bit of a ‘symptom-checker’ that I’ve found helpful, though I’m sure it’s far from exhaustive: Continue Reading…


July 16, 2014 — 4 Comments
image courtesy of Bogdan Suditu @ Flickr

image courtesy of Bogdan Suditu @ Flickr

Decisions made from a place of fear are seldom the best for us or those we love. But something happens when we’re afraid–we feel a sense of urgency that can lead us down a nasty path; fear can quickly position us to act without fully formed thought, blinded to the fact that fear-founded decisions are rarely best. There’s a story in Scripture which seems to illustrate this pretty well:  Continue Reading…