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sunday recap

June 16, 2014 — Leave a comment

Yesterday was a fantastic day at SLW!

Here’s a quick recap:

:: Dads – We took a few moments to celebrate dads. In honor of our dads, we’re sponsoring a backpack as part of the Lakeview District Backpack Program which facilitates nutritious meals for underserved children right in our own community. SLW has the opportunity to help provide backpacks for over 30 children in the new school year.

OASIS_RECT:: Oasis – Nate shared about last week’s first gathering in Meadville as Oasis which included two baptisms! Go God! If you haven’t already signed up to be a prayer partner and to learn more about what God is up to in Meadville through Oasis, connect with him here.

If you’re a part of SLW, you can support both Oasis and the Backpack Program by giving through our Glocal Outreach missions focus–both are missional partnerships we’re excited to be part of.


279901_160_e30132SUMMER SPORTS XTREME begins tonight. It’s not too late to register the kiddos (potty trained 3yo – 6th grade) for this free sports camp facilitated by qualified coaches and includes some interaction with professional athletes. Check out for more info!



original image: Vyacheslav Argenberg on Flickr

original image: Vyacheslav Argenberg on Flickr

We stepped into chapters 3-5 of Joshua before pausing in The Book of Joshua for our summer series, here are some highlights from that message:

:: What does it look like to live–in the midst of our impossible, impassible, unnavigable situations–as those ready for God to do the miraculous? (Joshua 3:5)

:: God is the God who goes 3,000 feet ahead of His people, showing the way, overcoming the most powerful obstacles, and subjugating things to Himself. (cf. Joshua 5:1)

:: Following Jesus means we can stop thinking like slaves and rebellious wanderers…and start living as people of the promise. (cf. Joshua 5:9-12)

What would you do in the overwhelming situations you face if you were certain God is going before you, that He is more powerful than the most significant obstacles you face, and that He is FOR you?

The podcast will be available soon, you can check it out by heading to SLW’s podcast site at

original image: Vyacheslav Argenberg on Flickr

original image: Vyacheslav Argenberg on Flickr


Only be strong and courageous! (Joshua 1:18b)

What happens when we finally receive what we’ve been waiting for…when what for so long seemed impossible is now made real? How should we live when it seems we have made it to the place our journey has been preparing us for all along?

The story of the book of Joshua is one where the children of Israel are at long last taking ownership of land in fulfillment of a generations-old promise of God. Their season of living out the Promise is one of challenge: a different way of living than they had ever experienced (and maybe one they never even anticipated) is now required.A new level of strength, courage, and submission to the leadership of God and his agents will be vital.

What can we learn from their experiences? What might we uncover about our own relationship with God and his desire to lead us into deeper faith and active obedience?

Join us throughout the new church year as we step in and out of the story of the Book of Joshua and discover strength, courage, leadership, and faith for today.

Provision (Repost)

July 31, 2013 — 2 Comments

The Gómez family is on staycation this week, so I’m reposting some of my favorite past posts. This one, from 2009, highlights some of what to expect when waiting for God’s provision:

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There’s an old recipe for rabbit stew that begins, “First, catch the rabbit…” Though it may seem a bit obvious, at least the writer of the recipe understood the importance of keeping first things first; and when it comes to exercising faith, it’s important to make sure first things really are first in our own hearts.

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“He says he’s a pastor, but he hasn’t got any kind of education.”

image: adamsofen/flickr

I was amazed at the disgust in my friend’s voice, himself an ordained Wesleyan pastor.  It was clear not just by what he said but how he said it that a ‘real’ minister is defined by the organized schooling he or she has endured.

Don’t get me wrong, I really enjoy learning and am indebted to the kind of education I’ve received in organized environments in the pursuits of diplomas and degrees.  I’m looking forward to continuing my education and hold institutions of higher learning in high regard–especially those operating out of a passion to equip men and women for ministry.  But the attitude that our value or function as ministers is directly related to our (organized) education stands in stark contrast to the way Jesus developed his own followers and the history of The Wesleyan Church.  Jesus utilized an apprenticeship* process whereby he allowed his followers to get to know him & his ways, so they could then be sent out to operate with his authority; this was the definition of ‘discipleship.’

These same disciples were told to make disciples–to raise people up and send them out operating in the authority of Christ.

The heritage of The Wesleyan Church echoes this history–bishops and leaders ordaining others for ministry and sending them out regardless of formal education because there was an ‘apprenticeship’ mindset (and this apprenticeship mindset resulted in fricton with the religious establishment).

Education is important–most of the New Testament was penned by a very educated man.  But had it not been for the transforming power of Jesus, being prepared and sent out, the most effective missionary in history would have died a relatively unknown, but well educated, persecutor of those who were sent.

I love The Wesleyan Church and her heart for holiness, equality, and freedom.  I love our current passion to see our ministry training grounds be effective in academics and praxis — but let us be wary of thinking education makes an apprentice; we just might be surprised at what God does, and who he uses, when we remove the prerequisite of ‘appropriate education’ from effective ministry.

*For more on ‘apprenticeship’ take a look at the Dave and Jon Ferguson‘s Exponential

This post is part of a series.  Check out the introduction here, as well as parts 1, 2, and 3.