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April 9, 2015 — 1 Comment
image: Nathan @ Flickr

image: Nathan @ Flickr

Easter Weekend is a tremendous opportunity to interact with more guests than usual in a church—each with a story and a need we have opportunity to connect with. Knowing this, we passed along six reminders to our staff team–things anyone can do to help communicate our love and value for our guests, so our various teams could be better equipped to make connecting with SLW a great experience for anyone.

Though written to staff leaders, here are the first three things anyone can do to help make great guest ministry happen:

  • Keeping great guest experience at the forefront of your focus: remind your teams of the awesome opportunity we have to reach the “ONEs” who will be present with the life- and eternity-changing hope of Jesus. Those who have invited friends, neighbors, and family are praying their loved ones are really seen and loved by us.
  • Reserving ‘Premium’ Parking: Please use (and ask your families and team members to use) the most inconvenient parking available so we can save the very best for our guests. If there’s a parking location you/your team would love to use because it’s super convenient or near a main entrance, that’s a spot we definitely want to make sure our guests have ready access to.
  • Interacting more with people you don’t know than those you do: Help set the example for our teams by going out of your way to connect with folks you don’t know. I know there will be need to interact with team members and volunteers, but our primary focus should be on caring for and connecting with our guests.

The next next three are coming next week—what would you add?


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