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image: Martin Deutsch @ Flickr
image: Martin Deutsch @ Flickr

There are many times when I wonder just what to do. There are options, opportunities, moments to be capitalized upon…and not an obvious right way to go. Is there a way to know what to do? Every time we say ‘yes’ to one thing, we’re saying ‘no’ to something else, just by way of limiting our availability… and trying to determine what is the most prudent or urgent/important or furthest-reaching investment can be so overwhelming it’s almost paralyzing.

There’s a story in Scripture that speaks into a moment of ‘where do I go from here?’ and I have found it incredibly helpful: God has identified and called out a man named Saul to be the first king of the people of Israel. Saul had no idea what it means to be king; the best he has is what can be observed of the other kings in the Ancient Near East…and I think it’s safe to say that in many ways these weren’t the best role models.

God has been using a man named Samuel to communicate this kingly call to Saul. This involves certain signs that God is, in fact, positioning Saul as king. In the midst of this communication, a particular verse stands out to me:

Once these signs are fulfilled, do whatever your hand finds to do, for God is with you. ~ 1 Samuel 10:7

What a relief it must have been to hear this for Saul. And I think the same relief is available to us–once we have been commissioned and enabled by God, there is a real sense that —presuming continued connection with Him—we are free to tackle what’s in front of us. This is a great reminder to stay connected…and to stay active in doing what’s placed before us.

Are you following Jesus and living in obedience to Him? If that’s the case and you’re struggling with knowing what to do ‘next,’ my suggestion is to heed the word above and “do whatever your hand finds to do.” After all, God is with you.

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